Avenues International, a Big Data Solutions Provider, is focused exclusively on end-to-end Big Data, Business intelligence, Data Warehousing and Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions. We have been in Data Management and Analytics domain since 1994, and have acquired tremendous expertise and knowledge in this field. We provide services from the the architecture, design, development to implementation of Data Management Solutions. Avenues works with medium to large organizations in developing enterprise solutions in Data Management and Analytics.


Avenues has been extensively on open source Hadoop Ecosystem and Cloud based solutions. In this process it has created powerful robust Frameworks which can rapidly and cost effectively deploy Big data and Data Warehousing.

Avenues International Big Data Frameworks can easily customized to meet specific business needs. We will partner with you to build a solution that allows your organization to efficiently access, analyze and share information in a consistent format across your enterprise. Business information that includes unstructured data coming from social media, web applications and third parties are extracted and stored on Hadoop File system and Hive. Advance analytics techniques such as predictive analytics, data mining, statistics, and natural language processing are implemented to gain valuable Insights on this data in terms of patterns and behavior.

Avenues utilizes its project methodology to properly deliver a solution that gives you the capability-building advantages of in-house development, the domain expertise and experience of systems integrators, and the flexibility of high tech experts on demand. We are successful because we work with you to leverage what you have, build what you need, and leave your organization stronger than when we started.

Avenues has expertise in providing strategy, architecture, development services for:

Predictive Analytics and Data Mining
Data Warehousing /Business Intelligence
Big Data Solutions (Hadoop Ecosystem)
Data Exchange and Transformation
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)


Avenues supports these and other leading technology solutions:

OracleTeradataTeradata Aster
Cloudera HDFSHortonworks HDFSHive / HBase
InformaticaSQL ServerData Stage

Big Data

Avenues understands that Big Data is volume, velocity, variety and value. Data volume, velocity and variety limit the ability to perform effective analysis using traditional approaches. Big Data refers to datasets that grow so large that it is difficult to capture, store, manage, share, analyze, and visualize with typical database software tools.
We understand the challenges and opportunities of Big Data and that organizations seek solutions supporting evidence-based decisions. We use the right solution for acquiring, analyzing, organizing and distilling data so our clients make better decisions from the growing sea of Big Data.

Client Benefits

By helping you define strategies, integrate new processes, leverage best practices and proven resources, we help you make well-informed decisions, improve operational efficiencies and create new revenue channels. Clients of Avenues enjoy the following benefits:

Defined Business Intelligence Strategy – Solutions are developed and deployed that address the strategic goals and business objectives of your organization.

Project completion on-time and on-budget – Best practices, strong project management and solutions architecture allow your project to start strong, stay strong and end strong.

Customer satisfaction and retention – We utilize resources and methodologies to build BI solutions that are an integral part of extending and improving customer relationships throughout the value chain.

Measurable ROI – Enterprise intelligence methods greatly improve the speed and quality of your decisions, resulting in greater return on your information assets.

Opportunity Assessment

This service gives you a business-level assessment of the opportunity to use Business Intelligence (BI) analytics and Data Warehousing(DW) methods. Conducted by a Data Warehousing , the outputs of the service include:

Definition of business problem or opportunity
Benefits of deploying a BI/DW solution and the metrics for measuring those benefits
Business risks, IT risks and risk-mitigation options
High-level plan outlining time, resources and costs