Right Cloud Strategy – Custom tailored to your business objectives.

Align your business goals with right cloud technology

Service Offerings

    ◊ Cloud Adoption Roadmap –

  • Develop a Cloud-First and Multi-cloud Strategy
  • Adopt Cloud Platforms
  • Migrate Applications
  • IT Optimization
  • Business Innovation
  • Create Business Models

    ◊ Cloud Assessment Approach –

  • Financial Assessment
  • Security Assessment
  • Compliance and Regulatory assessment
  • Business Assessment
  • Technical Assessment
  • Contractual Assessment

     ◊ Cloud Migration: Migration Strategies- “The 6 R’s” 

  • Rehosting —   “Lift-and-shift.”
  • Replatforming —   “Lift-tinker-and-shift.”
  • Repurchasing — Move to a different product. For example: move CRM to Salesforec or HR system to Workday.
  • Refactoring / Re-architecting — Re architecte and develop your existing application using cloud-native features.
  • Retire — Some applications can simply get rid of.
  • Retain — Do nothing (for now).

     ◊ New Year Resolution!

Ok. We understand your New Year’s Resolution is to migrate to cloud – and improve costs, gain flexibility and improve significant performance of your applications.

What are you waiting for now?

We specialize in migration – of your applications and data on – to the AWS cloud.

Contact us and schedule a call and learn about our AWS Migration Framework to rapidly have your applications and the data on the AWS cloud.

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