Avenues offers Big Data Solutions for customers who need a targeted big data solution for a specific business or technology need. The most successful companies are enhancing their competitive advantage by leveraging analytics to improve decision making and to understand, predict and influence consumer behavior. We help companies maintain a competitive edge by centralizing data and analytics to solve complex problems across their organization.

Avenues has developed innovative approaches to tackling some of the technology industry’s most mundane problems with big data technologies. For example, by migrating batch workloads from mainframe systems to Hadoop, our clients derive benefits in not only reducing batch-processing times and MIPS (million instructions per second) but also leveraging advanced analytics and visualization on their data.

Industry leaders like the global analyst firm Gartner use “volume” (the amount of data), “velocity” (the speed of information generated and flowing into the enterprise) and “variety” (the kind of data available) to begin to frame the big data discussion. Others have focused on additional V’s, such as big data’s “veracity” and “value.”