The Next Generation IWMS

Take control of your portfolio with the integrated, modern, web-based Archibus platform.


iOFFICE + SpaceIQ helps businesses grow with software solutions that include real estate optimization and forecasting, workplace management and planning, and employee coordination and experience. Archibus is a customizable workplace management platform providing large-scale enterprises an all-in-one solution for managing and optimizing space, operations, and maintenance. As the world’s first and most-deployed IWMS, Archibus is an end-to-end suite of applications designed to empower HR, IT, and facilities executives to gain complete control of their workplace to reduce costs and increase operational effectiveness. With comprehensive reporting available out of the box, open architecture to easily integrate with other ERP systems and data sources, and a scalable structure that allows users to personalize their deployment for the unique challenges of their company, Archibus covers every use case to provide additional opportunities for growth and optimization.

Optimizing Space

Archibus provides the insight and automation necessary to optimize your portfolio to support your budget and your people.


Archibus takes extra steps to protect your data. Get peace of mind knowing that your system is air-tight.


Archibus has the proven capacity to scale from smaller organizations up to the needs of the world’s largest organizations, including multi-national corporations and governments.


Archibus applications are designed to seamlessly integrate data with other systems. Archibus also integrates with leading data modeling technologies like BIM, CAD, GIS, and more.


Scale Into A Market Leading System Of Workplace Solutions

Archibus provides comprehensive systems for optimizing your built environment, whether you’re keeping up with growth, reducing portfolio costs, or optimizing your environment to bring out the best in your people. Start simple, and evolve into a system that keeps your organization at the forefront of innovation.

Reduce Unused Seats and Optimize Space

While most organizations prioritize space in cost-savings initiatives, we know that 51% of assigned seats are unused at any given moment. Unassigned spaces, poor density planning, and spaces that don’t reflect workplace needs further strain real estate portfolios, and so do ballooning maintenance costs, or poorly negotiated leases. Archibus provides the insight and automation necessary to optimize your portfolio to support your budget and your people.

Drive Performance With Strategic Insight

Foster continuous improvement with insights on workplace performance. Enable integrated metrics and data models that paint a full picture of costs, activities, occupancy, and needs. Identify opportunities for quick savings, stay ahead of trends, and connect stakeholders under a single mission.

Create and deliver your workplace strategy with confidence

Archibus software integrates data, roles, and goals to help you optimize daily performance, forecast needs, and keep your employees and visitors safe.

Manage Your Workplace

Manage Performance

Manage your Portfolio